About Our Company

ColorCool is a unique brand by Bolero with a collection of high quality and fashion socks. The philosophy of ColorCool is based on the concept of diversity. We admire everyone who thinks out of the box and has the courage to be unique.

We have created a collection of high quality socks with specially selected colour and pattern combinations that designate contrast. ColorCool socks are not just a necessity, but rather are a fashion statement. These colorful and comfortable pieces are made to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and to satisfy both your feet and mind.

During the design process, we caught impulses from our surrounding and turned them into pieces of fashion. We were influenced by the rapidly changing cross-cultural styles of this vibrant planet in which we live. Yet our biggest and on-going inspiration originates from freedom of individuality.

ColorCool socks are manufactured in Bolero Socks Factory with respect for the environment and all the people involved. The factory is certified for quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety. Our products are made of combed cotton or bamboo combined with synthetic fibers to assure a premium, long-lasting quality.